great teacher

Richard is a GREAT teacher! I thought I’d never be able to pass my GCSE Maths with a grade C but with Richard's help, I passed with a Grade B! Richard is so patient and knows exactly how to explain something to you in order for you to understand it. Thank you Richard!

Cameron N
Maths student

improved grades

Richard has provided both Maths and guitar tuition to various family members. I would say he is not only knowledgeable and skilled but has incredible patience. He is able to tailor information in such a way that meets individuals learning styles and as such achieved high levels of motivation and enthusiasm resulting in increased confidence and improved grade with our children. I could not recommend him highly enough.

Anne G

exam confidence

Prior to his GCSE our son was becoming stressed re: the oncoming exams which affected his ability to focus. With Richard’s encouragement and tuition he entered the exam with confidence and the knowledge to achieve a high grade.

Mr & Mrs G
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