Increased confidence, improved grades.

Richard provided tutoring to my twin girls in the run up to their final GCSE. He quickly built up a great rapport with both girls and assessed their strengths and areas for improvement. His lessons were further supported with on line resources and revision sheets ... also provided exam technique which improved confidence and led to improvements in grades in the final GCSE exam. Highly recommended if looking for maths tutor to improve confidence with maths in the run up to GCSEs.

Hazel T
Maths student

Top marks

Although my Son has only had a few sessions with Richard, he has already made a positive impact. I received a text from my son just this morning stating that he got the top mark in class for his last Maths test. Richard is very approachable and professional and most importantly my son enjoys the sessions.

Stephen H
Maths student

exam confidence

Prior to his GCSE our son was becoming stressed re: the oncoming exams which affected his ability to focus. With Richard’s encouragement and tuition he entered the exam with confidence and the knowledge to achieve a high grade.

Mr & Mrs G

A great help – gained the desired results

Richard was a great help. He is very professional and helped in all areas that were causing confusion in a normal classroom. With the help of Richard we gained the desired results. I would highly recommend Richard to any one struggling in the future.

Laura F
Maths student

great teacher

Richard is a GREAT teacher! I thought I’d never be able to pass my GCSE Maths with a grade C but with Richard's help, I passed with a Grade B! Richard is so patient and knows exactly how to explain something to you in order for you to understand it. Thank you Richard!

Cameron N
Maths student

Really good tutor

Really good tutor - my son is enjoying learning his maths. He is working hard.

Kate L
Maths student

Absolutely fantastic.

Absolutely fantastic. I couldn't recommend him more. He came over at short notice and probably made the difference between my daughter passing and failing her GCSE maths exam!

Katherine j
Maths student

improved grades

Richard has provided both Maths and guitar tuition to various family members. I would say he is not only knowledgeable and skilled but has incredible patience. He is able to tailor information in such a way that meets individuals learning styles and as such achieved high levels of motivation and enthusiasm resulting in increased confidence and improved grade with our children. I could not recommend him highly enough.

Anne G

Professional, approachable, punctual and organised.

Richard started working with my son in June 2018 to help him to apply his learning in test situations, and to increase his confidence in the build up to his GCSE maths. We have seen results straight away and my son now feels far more comfortable tackling maths problems than he did previously. Richard is very professional, approachable, punctual and well organised and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him as a tutor.

Ruth W
Maths student

First class

Richard has tutored both of my kids and is absolutely first class. Great prep for GCSEs or even to give your child a wee bit of extra confidence. Richard is your man.

Steve H
Maths student
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